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Is AI-Powered Content Marketing The Future To Your Success?

Content marketing has been dynamically evolving throughout the past years. Before, marketers needed to rely on generalized customer surveys to create campaigns. However, the current AI-powered marketing systems profile each potential customer and give them what they personally want. The automated digital marketing systems helped B2Bs and SMEs easily connect with their intended audience, becoming […]

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Why Using New Technology for Your Digital Marketing Strategy is a Must

Incorporating new technology for digital marketing campaigns may seem daunting financially for some businesses. For small or startup businesses, these concerns can seem especially large. However, the price is worth it. Recent reports suggest that not only can regular technology updates help boost your marketing efforts, but they can also improve the overall health of […]

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Wal-Mart & Chinese E-Commerce Giant Partner To Oust Amazon In Online-Offline Business Integration

Chinese consumers can now purchase US-made products through JD.com’s partnership with Walmart. China’s second biggest e-Commerce company promises to bring significant traffic to the American retail giant. Can this partnership finally knock Amazon from its perch on the top of the online shopping ladder? JD.com International President Winston Cheng believes so. Find out more about […]

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