Expert Interview Series: Brian Saemann, Founder, GoBeyond SEO

Brian Saemann is an entrepreneur, consultant, and writer who specializes in leveraging marketing and mindset for business. He is also the Founder of digital marketing company GoBeyond SEO. Here, we sit down with Brian to focus on inbound marketing through lead generation and search engine optimization (SEO). Inbound marketing is a technique used to attract prospects through relevant content that aims to eventually convert them into customers. In this recent chat with Brian, he shared some valuable insights on inbound marketing.

Maximizing Inbound Marketing Strategies with Brian Saemann

Maximizing Inbound Marketing Strategies | Brian Saemann

Tell us about the mission behind GoBeyond SEO. How are you hoping to impact the world of inbound marketing?

Brian Saemann: At GoBeyond SEO, our mission is to help our clients grow. Our digital marketing campaigns are focused on acquiring quality leads for our clients. We don’t think so much in terms of how we can impact the inbound marketing world. Rather, we think more in terms of how we can impact our clients’ businesses.

As long as we help our clients get more leads and customers, we are achieving our mission.

Can you tell us about your background in marketing and sales prospecting?

Brian Saemann: I started my sales and marketing career at Cox Communications, which owns two television stations here in Charlotte, North Carolina. When I first started with them, digital advertising for small- and medium-sized businesses was still in its infancy—Facebook was just released to people outside of college.

But you could see the potential. The world was changing, and it was clear that marketing and advertising were going to change with it.

What do you consider your niche or specialty in marketing? What sets you apart from your marketing colleagues?

What do you consider your niche or specialty in marketing? What sets you apart from your marketing colleagues? | Expert Interview Series: Brian Saemann, Founder, GoBeyond SEO
Brian Saemann: My specialty is a lead generation for professional service firms, especially lawyers. Law firms have unique requirements in their marketing. By focusing on them, we have been able to develop a system that consistently helps firms grow.

What tips can you offer to organizations on excelling at this particular niche? What are your best practices?

Brian Saemann: Honestly, what I see so much of in this niche, and digital marketing in general, is an infatuation with what’s new. A lot of marketers are always focusing on what’s new, instead of on what works.

What do you believe most businesses can do to improve their inbound marketing strategies?

Brian Saemann: I think the one thing businesses can do to improve their inbound marketing is to really get inside the head of their customer. Your messaging has to strike a nerve with your prospect, or else they will just move on. This is especially essential in the digital world. There is too much to distract your prospect away from your message. So it really has to resonate with them.

What tools or resources can organizations use to support their inbound marketing strategies?

Brian Saemann: There are tons of tools and resources that companies can use to support their inbound marketing. They should definitely use a marketing automation software and develop smart email campaigns.

I don’t want to promote any specific software because choosing the right software depends more on what you need than on the software’s feature set. But what I can say is, all companies should use tools like Facebook Insights, Adwords Keyword Planner,, and Ubersuggest. These tools are all free, and they can help you make an impact on your prospect. They will help you strike that nerve.

Can you share an inbound marketing campaign that you are especially proud of? What sets it apart, and what kind of impact has it made?

Brian Saemann: The campaign I’m most proud of is one that we have been running for a client, with a few tweaks, for almost three years now. The resources we have developed for them to give away really focus on trust-building and transparency. The fact that they’ve been seeing the return of investment for nearly three years means you don’t always have to run to something new when what you have is still working.

What are the most important lessons inbound marketers need to learn early in their careers? What were the most important lessons you learned?

Brian Saemann: I think something young marketers should focus on is to go deep in one area, instead of trying to be a generalist. This is also something that I learned early on. Develop a deep knowledge of your practice—this is what will set you apart in your career.

What trends or innovations in inbound and/or digital marketing are you following today? Why do they excite you?

Brian Saemann: Lately, I’ve been paying a lot of attention to behavioral targeting in digital advertising. The ad networks have gotten so much better at being able to predict if someone is a quality prospect based on their behavior online.

Using the right behavior targets can make or break a campaign these days, and I think the predictive aspect of the data collection is only going to get better.


Inbound marketing is a technique that continues to evolve along with digital marketing. Because it is dynamic, as a marketer, it is important to know its basic process. Check out this cool motion graphic from Yum Yum Videos to gain more insight on inbound marketing:

Brian Saemann and his team in GoBeyond SEO understand the relevance and effectiveness of inbound marketing. This marketing technique, when utilized correctly, can be of great value to your company. Through inbound marketing, you can generate the right leads and guide your prospects through every step of their buyer’s journey. Plus, with inbound marketing, you have a better opportunity to meet the needs of your customers and your sales targets.

Do you have your own tried-and-tested inbound marketing strategies? Share them in the comments section below!

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Expert Interview Series: Brian Saemann, Founder, GoBeyond SEO
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