Why Digital Marketing Strategy is SO Important for Small Business Owners

Why should small businesses invest in a digital marketing strategy? Read this article to find out the top reasons your business can’t afford to be without one.

Digital Marketing Strategy: Small Businesses Need It!

If you’re a small business owner, you’ve probably heard friends, online influencers, and marketers telling you that you need to have a digital marketing strategy. But you don’t understand why! This can be a potential problem since your lack of understanding can mean missing out on a golden opportunity to promote your business in a cost-effective way.

Social Media | Why Is Digital Marketing Strategy Important for Small Business Owners?


What Is Digital Marketing?

Before we get to the benefits of having a digital marketing strategy, let’s define digital marketing. Is it SEO marketing? How about mobile or social media marketing? The answer is all of them. The word is a very broad term that covers all forms of advertising across digital platforms such as search engines, Internet, and mobile.

Developing a digital marketing technique for your small business isn’t as easy as creating a Facebook page and inviting your network to like it. According to Smart Insight’s Dave Chaffey, the digital marketing plan (DMP) has three stages: opportunity, strategy, and action. I’d like to cover this system in the future, but for now, let me tell you why you should be willing to go through all this.


5 Reasons To Build A Digital Marketing Strategy

A lot of small business owners tend to believe digital marketing is cheap or even free. Sadly, it’s not. Nothing is! Even if you don’t spend money, you’re still using resources such as talent, skill, and time. Moreover, cheapness is relative. What you should be gunning for is getting the best value for every penny you spend on marketing.

Every small business must have a digital marketing strategy for the following reasons:

1. Ease Of Access To Prospects And Customers

In the offline world, location matters. The same principle applies to digital marketing. The closer you are to your target market, the more you increase the brand awareness and interest. This interest, when nurtured, can lead to getting leads and eventually customers.

How can digital marketing bring you closer to the market? Facebook alone has 1.75 billion members with hundred of millions of active users EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Statista, meanwhile, now estimates mobile phone users of social media at 4.77 billion, showing that the demand for these platforms will continue to increase in the coming years.

2. High Rate Of Engagement

It’s not enough to have mobile or social media presence. More than anything, you need to aim and maintain a high engagement rate. Engagement refers to interactions between your brand and your market. In Facebook, for instance, it means followers are liking your posts and sharing your content.

A digital marketing strategy builds your credibility and establishes a relationship with your market. It gives you a variety of platforms, insane number of users, and tech to help you measure your engagement rate.

3. Content Maximization

A digital marketing strategy provides you the chance to build a brand through content. According to Demand Metric, when done right, content can give you three times the number of leads than those that don’t have any content — and at a cost much cheaper than outbound marketing. Content also increases your level of engagement, while the ease of sharing and access means it’s not impossible to have your content go viral. Isn’t that awesome? Not only that, but the majority of buyers actually read your content before they buy (I know, you’re one of them!).

4. Cost Effectiveness

Again, cost is relative, but a digital marketing strategy gives good value for money, and even provides savings in different ways. One, it’s scalable, which means you don’t need to spend a lot of moolah during the early stages of implementing your strategy. In fact, you can adjust your digital marketing budget as your business grows.

It’s also flexible and customizable depending on your target market and its needs. As a small business, you can’t afford to spend on prospects who have zero interest in buying from you.

Third, you can take advantage of cross-channel remarketing, which is handy when you’re paying for ads. This suggests the ads you use for—say, Google Adwords—can also be used on other platforms such as Facebook or even mobile, thereby increasing the chances of conversion without spending more money on advertising. Just make sure you’re staying native to the platform. A text-heavy ad wouldn’t perform well on an image-dependent platform such as Instagram.

5. Convenience

Small business owners can’t hire a lot of people, so most tend to do marketing by themselves. When it comes to doing digital marketing, there are a lot of tools you can use to automate repetitive or menial tasks like posting on social media, test and track your campaigns, create reports to monitor your growth, and even decide on the ideal budget for your project.


How do you plan your digital marketing strategy this year? Get hints from this video:

Are you ready to plan your digital marketing strategy? Remember, a strategy is merely a plan. It requires action to make it a reality, but even that won’t suffice. Test, keep track, adapt, and change it regularly to make sure your strategies will maintain your competitiveness and influence.

What is your favorite digital marketing strategy? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Why Digital Marketing Strategy is SO Important for Small Business Owners
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