This Week On Digital Marketing Panel…

Here’s what happened on Digital Marketing Panel this week…

1. 11 Skills to Land You the High Paying Digital Marketing Job of Your Dreams

Want A High-Paying Digital Marketing Job? Master These 10 Skills

Landing a high paying digital marketing job isn’t just about having a laptop and fast Internet connection. You need skills – both creative and analytical – to become an attractive asset for the “right” companies. Master these 11 skills to impress your new boss and get the results you’ve always dreamed of! Click to read more

2. Google for Jobs To Bring Better Opportunities For Digital Marketers

Google for Jobs To Bring Better Opportunities For Digital Marketers

Job seeking just got a whole lot better for digital marketers with Google for Jobs! Job seekers can now use the tech giant’s newest tool to look for work online. Users can use the specialized search engine to look for specific jobs through the app. Unlike past Google searches, digital marketers won’t have to sift through thousands of search results to find a job anymore. Read more about this update from Business 2 Community below… Click to read more

3. How to Maximize Instagram for Business

This Week On Digital Marketing Panel...

Instagram is one of the most utilized social media platforms. 400 million + people use Instagram every day and 80% of users on the platform follow a business. It is wildly popular and this creates an opportunity for businesses to capture this audience. As a business, you can expand your reach, grow your audience/awareness, and increase sales by using Instagram for business properly… Click to read more

4. 10 Ways to Grow Your Social Following

Will New Facebook Update Stop Fake News From Spreading? | Facebook Update: Social Media Platform Stepping Up To Curb False News

Social media needs an audience to truly work. If nobody is following you, there is a large missing piece. It’s great to have a large audience, but you don’t just want numbers.  A highly engaged audience is just as important. Having a million fans on Facebook sounds like the perfect situation, but if only a small percentage are liking, commenting and sharing, it’s not helping your brand. Therefore, you want to grow your social following with the right people. Big brands already have the recognition to build their followings a little easier, but it takes strategy and tactics to grow an audience. First, you need to decide which platforms you will focus on. Don’t try and spread yourself too thin posting on every channel there is. Decide which channels your audience is on and the ones that will reap the most benefits for your brand… Click to read more

5. 7 Best Call to Action Examples in Digital Marketing

7 Best Call to Action Examples in Digital Marketing | Why Call to Action Moves Your Audience to Act

Call to action examples populates the Internet. Firms, writers, and content marketers create materials to engage and build an audience. Every step of their relationship with customers, they create buttons with the call to action phrases in order to capture small commitments from their audience and track where their relationship is going… Click to read more


What have you done to grow your social media followers this week? Let us know in the comments below. 

This Week On Digital Marketing Panel…
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